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Why Pacemaker?

It all started with a band. The members of this band were motivated and hard-working, met very often and played for hours. The band had only one problem: it had no name. All members were worried, and so they made suggestions, which were all refused. (Examples: Federal United Chicken Killers, 330 Gramm, Blindfold Performance etc. ...)

One of the musicians had the brilliant idea to call the band "Pacemaker", which was enthusiastically accepted. Immediately the 5 noble men started to design a bandlogo.

2 weeks later, the band was renamed to "DAREDEVIL".

Wolf, MetalJoe, Andi, Tom, Moscht (front)

That was 1995. Since then, "DAREDEVIL" has accomplished 2 appearances.

But I liked the name Pacemaker very much, and so I was reminded of it when I had to choose a nickname for the Internet.