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What does Pacemaker do?

You wanna know more Ďbout my hobbies?

Thereís not much time left for hobbies during my studies, but itís still enough for doing several things...

In my sparetime I like to play Volleyball, whether indoors or at the "beach". But during my holidays (or even if Iíve got a weekend off), Iím on (or in) the water, because then Iím sailing or diving. Sometimes I have to put on my uniform because the Austrian Army is calling me up for several days.

Besides Iím a quite active user of the Internet, mainly of the Olymp-BBS, in which I take part as priest (roomhost) and prophet (assistant). Sometimes Iím spending a day on playing roleplaying games with my friends. My preferred systems are AD&D and Shadowrun. And finally, Iím a drummer, but I canít practice very often as I donít have a room for my drums in Innsbruck. :(((

If you want to know more about me, just contact me !!